New Year’s finally here! ✨ And with all those resolutions and new goals vibe, we become more aware of what we can improve for 2020. That includes our social media content calendar.

For content creators, there’s nothing better than a well-planned content calendar. It seems so simple. But we know it’s not so easy to be up to date with a lot of work to do. That’s why we created this Holiday Content Calendar for your social media strategies.

Trust us. It will make things way easier 📝💥

You’ll find social media tips for every month of the year on our content calendar. Also, every important date will be from a flick of your finger, so you don’t miss anything. From the traditional ones as Mother’s Day or Black Friday to the most unusual ones. Who knows? Maybe Talk Like a Pirate Day or Clean Off Your Desk Day may bring you closer to your audience in 2020. There are options for almost every day of the month. You only need to choose it.

Besides getting our content calendar, check our article on content marketing to learn more about why you should focus on your content strategy.

Here at Sentient Pixel, we’re specialists in marketing for Cannabis-related companies. From branding to content creation, communicating your brand’s truth and value in the most effective way is what moves us. We build it pixel by pixel to achieve amazing results. For any business inquiries, get in touch with us at See you soon ✨

Stay sentient, digital people 💜

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