Hey! I am Thai, the Head of Content at Sentient Pixel, a marketing & design studio based in Brazil, and this is our first blog. 🤘🏼 Today I’ll describe the top 3 Marketing tools we use in our day-to-day, and why you need to join us because they’re all FANTASTIC:

Marketing Tools: #1 Notion

Function: All-in-one workspace for collaborative or solo project management

This marketing tool is a wonder for work teams (or planners 🙋🏼‍♀️)! It should be a part of everyone’s lives because it makes the world a better place. For real.

First of all: its pricing model is super flexible. Second: its visual is delightful. Third: you can organize everything with emojis! 🦄

It’s a multi-purpose productivity app, but although there are tons of those out there, Notion is much better. Basically, it’s a modular system of notes, tasks, wikis, and databases that you can customize exactly as you want. Every page you create becomes a note, and you can organize them in any way that makes sense to you. In other words, it follows your flow.

Another AWESOME attribute of Notion is that it allows you to create a page or a note in ANY format. It can be a list of tasks, a table, a calendar, a kanban board…and the list goes on.

If you create a page which is a calendar, inside of it you can put notes with your activities! And inside each activity, you can insert an important reminder about it.

Like that:

Gif Showing How Notion marketing tools  Works
As simple as this 💜

So, in the end, you’ll have a note inside a note inside a note, and you can organize it hierarchically. Also, in case it’s toooooo much effort to look for a note, you can use notion’s super-efficient search tool.

Beyond the web version, there’s an app that will automatically sync whenever an action is performed. Also, Notion allows you to access your info offline, and it’s integrated with several apps like Evernote, Trello, and Asana, making the migration much easier. Oh, and its drag and drop approach is one of the most innovative UX solutions we have ever seen!

How We Use Notion:

Now that you have a general view about how the app works, I’d like to explain how we use it at Sentient Pixel.

marketing tools: notion
That's how our workspace looks like 💻

Besides using Notion as a knowledge base for any crucial information, we also opted to organize our task management through a method called MoSCoW (actually ours is a little adapted). It consists of a board in which we separate our to-do list topics in priorities. So we have 4 big main categories: Must, Should, Might, and Could. Besides that, there are 2 other sections: one with all the completed tasks, and another with the ones that are pending feedback.

Gif showing how the notion marketing tools interface looks.
Here you can see I'm a 🦄

Also, we use Notion for other organizational needs we have, but summing up it is all it promises to be: an all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases 🙌🏼

Marketing Tools: #2 Grammarly

Function: Writing assistant.

Grammarly is incredible not only for people who need help in writing but also for expert copywriters. It has some outstanding differential when compared to other writing assistants.

First of all, Grammarly has a free plug-in which allows you to correct e-mails in real-time. Of course, not only e-mails but pretty much anything you write in your browser. This makes the process for correction extremely practical since you don’t need to transfer everything you write to their website.

Another thing I love about this app is its 4 functions that appear every time you open a new document on the app. They are essential for who uses the app as a marketing tool!

grammarly marketing tools preview
Performance / Set Goals / Human Proofreader / Plagiarism

After writing your text, when you click on ‘performance’, the app gives you a lot of numbers that will provide you with information about the length, readability, and words used in your text.

grammarly marketing tools preview performance and goals
Friendly, optimistic, and informal content for knowledgeable people 🤙🏼

The ‘set goals’ function allows you to set exactly how you want your text to flow, and all the corrections suggested by the app will respect your choices.

In ‘human proofreader’ you get the chance to pay for your words to be corrected by an expert! I’ve never used this function, but I believe it might be necessary for some situations.

Finally, when you click on ‘plagiarism’, Grammarly checks the entire internet to examine if there’s anything like your text already available or not!

Beyond these functions, the app alerts you when you spell something wrong, when your text is too repetitive, or when a sentence could be written in a better way. Also, it will give you synonyms if you double click any word.

grammarly marketing tools preview correction
God bless Grammarly 🙌🏼

How We Use Grammarly:

I use this app EVERY DAY. Yes, I used it to correct this article ✌🏼Among all the features I presented above, the one we use the most at Sentient Pixel is the ‘set goals’, which I believe to be one of the most fantastic possibilities inside the app. Since each client has a unique persona, this function allows us to stay true to their way of talking to their target.

After all, my recommendation is: download Grammarly NOW. Seriously, if you are a human being who writes in English, you need this app! It makes the process of writing much easier and quicker!

Marketing Tools: #3 Upfluence

Function: Influencer marketing platform

With the rise of Influencer Marketing and Social Media, this tool is essential for anyone who manages brands that are present in the digital world! Upfluence will help you find influencers from several social media to promote your brand, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Twitch, and Blog.

Separating the ones who match our client 💜
All the infos you need to know 📊

But this platform allows much more than that. With Upfluence you can separate your favorite people in lists and you have access to several personal details of the influencers. With this function, you can mail all of the influencers on the list at the same time, making much easier for you to contact them.

Also, to find the right influencers you can search them by using keywords with the options ‘should’, ‘must’, and ‘must not’. Beyond that, you can also put the numbers you’re looking for when it comes to the number of followers, subscribers, or fans they have, as well as the engagement rate. Location, gender, and age bracket are also categories that can be filled.

upfluence marketing tools search preview
It will only give you what you're looking for 🔍

How we Use Upfluence:

We use this tool to find influencers who match the specific criteria of our clients. We select some keywords, separate our favorite influencers, and contact them making our proposal. Like that, we make sure the companies we represent will be allying to people who are adequate to their necessities. Consequently, they obtain more success in digital media.


That’s all, folks! Thank you for reading our article, and I truly hope all the Marketing tools presented here will be useful for you and your company. Please, let us know in the comments which ones are your favorite Marketing tools! In this way, we can help each other grow and keep our industry evolving together with all the incredible solutions out there ✌🏼

Oh, and follow us on social media to always stay updated on the latest Marketing trends, news, and tools: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram. 👋🏼 See you!

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